How we met and started Moxa...

Alan first met Katie when he was in Business School at Harvard and needed stress relief from the cold calls in classrooms and finals... He looked for the best acupuncturist in Boston and was recommended to Katie by multiple friends who became a lifesaver.

In 2020, Katie's clinic had to shut down due to quarantine policies right when her patients needed her the most. Thinking quickly, Katie became one of the first acupuncturists to switch to virtual acupressure consultations where she taught her patients (like Alan) how to do acupressure in the comfort of their own homes.

After Alan's first session, he experienced how powerful these acupressure sessions were and discussed with Katie how they could share this with more people. Thankfully, Alan knew Herman from mutual friends in LA and together they discussed building a mobile app together teaching people how to do acupressure at home!

After just under 2 years, Moxa has become the #1 acupressure app on Apple, they've created an acupressure mat from the ground up, and are set out to help people improve their health and wellness, naturally.

Moxa aims to become the leading brand building products at the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine.

  • Alan Li

    Alan has grown up drinking herbal soups and his mom pressing the "Union Valley" acupoint whenever he got headaches!

    Alan got some more headaches when he worked in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and private equity before deciding he wanted to help improve people's health and wellness instead!

  • Dr. Katie Pedrick

    Katie started her career in cancer research before deciding she'd rather focus on eastern medicine instead of pharmaceutical drugs. Katie has run multiple successful acupuncture clinics in the Boston area and is a specialist in Women's Health and Fertility.

    Katie also got her Masters in Biotech from Harvard, no biggie!

  • Herman Kwan

    Herman was on the pre-med track before dropping out senior year and discovering his passion for coding! He's been the lead engineer at top startups including Tapcart, Bird, and most recently Tinder.

    Herman's an active basketball player and credits acupuncture as the only reason he's able to continue playing without back pain!