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Moxa Acupressure Mat and Headrest

Moxa Acupressure Mat and Headrest

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Experience Zen and relief within seconds of using the Moxa Acupressure Mat.

Moxa is committed to using the highest quality natural linen and coconut fiber to be safe for you and the environment.

Each mat comes with a paired acupressure headrest and convenient storage bag. Currently available in natural linen cloth color and black spikes!

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  • 0 - 1 Minutes

    A pleasant tingling sensation throughout your body. Resist the urge to move too much!

  • 1 - 2 Minutes

    Blood circulation is activated and moves to the area. Focus on your breathing.

  • 2 - 10 minutes

    Feel the warmth and tingling sensations start to spread across your entire body.

  • 10 - 30 minutes

    Experience the deep release in your muscles and calm in your mind.

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Everything you need to know


Moxa Mats are designed in New York and use the highest quality 100% natural linen and 100% natural coconut fiber stitching.

Each Mat comes with over 6,500 spikes for a complete warming body sensation to help restore you to a state of relaxation.


Each Moxa Mat comes in natural tan linen fabric with no artificial dyes used as well as black spikes.


  • Bag Material: 100% natural linen
  • Pillow: 51 pads with 26 spikes each
  • Pillow Filler: 100% cotton
  • Mat: 253 pads with 26 spikes each
  • Mat Filler: 100% Natural coconut husk


  • Store your Moxa Mat in your linen carrying case when not in use
  • Do not machine wash your Moxa Mat or Moxa Pillow
  • Keep Moxa Mat away from moisture, dust, dirt, kids, pets and direct sunlight.
  • You can handwash the Moxa Mat and Pillow covers in a mild detergent.